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If your example involves a cellular prefix in the destination country, you must show that the example involves the sort of kickback to an information provider that we're talking about on this page, as well as showing how the number was advertised to get U. callers to dial using a company code that would result in a higher cost per minute.Regarding rate periods, keep in mind that the rate periods for international calls are generally not the same as for domestic calls.The cost of international calls has dropped substantially, leaving far narrower margins for kickbacks to service providers.Also, many countries that initially embraced telesleaze as a boost to their economies came to see it as a stain on their national reputation and an impediment to attracting legitimate business.However, a part of the normal cost of your call is diverted to the operator of the telesleaze number. Federal prosecutors lodged fraud charges against those operators, on the allegation that it constituted a criminal act to charge the caller at the rates for Moldova when the call actually went to Canada.There have been some cases where a telesleaze number appeared in the numbering space of one country, but the call was actually routed to a different country, or may even have never left the country of origin. Personally, I have no objection to allowing consenting adults access to whatever content they might want, whether it's lotto numbers, psychic help lines, adult chat rooms, or one-on-one sexual fantasy talk, so long as the caller knows what he or she is calling and the charges are presented in a clear and forthright manner with appropriate consumer protections.The challenge is to demonstrate to me the existence of any wireline (i.e., non-cellular) telesleaze number that carries a surcharge over and above the cost of a call to an ordinary number in the same Caribbean area code or the same non-NANP country code.In other words, for instance, a 1-284-xxx-xxxx number that costs more than other 1-284-xxx-xxxx numbers, or a 011-683-xxxx number that costs more than other 011-683-xxxx numbers, dialed in the same way during the same rate period (day, evening, weekend, etc.) on the same long-distance carrier.

The primary reason for the lack of updates is that the phenomenon of international telesleaze numbers has largely faded away.

However, the very highest rates I have seen are in the range of /minute for calls to shipboard satellite phones and Antarctic research stations.

There are certainly not any numbers anywhere that will be billed at ,500.00/minute, as some warnings have claimed.

I realize that I'm in the minority in that view, so we're likely to be able to continue to charge more and more things other than telephone calls to our phone bills.

I do insist, though, that the process be clear and above board, with safeguards to protect against unauthorized or unwanted charges.

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