Pdf consolidating duplicate fonts updating the gac

But this isn't the issue because the prevents this recursive branch during it's "deep update" implementation.

pdf consolidating duplicate fonts-44

I had tons of stuff on my plate, so I didn't get to it, but it is definitely possible to code this... ), especially because of the fact that a pdf with 7 bookmarks needed tens of thousands of lines (literally) on a fullscreened console to print the outlines hash.At the moment, the To C is lost during the parsing stage, unlike the way the named destinations are preserved.After the parsing, the data will need to be saved to the PDF object.Section 12.3 to the specs deals with outlines and I think this is the part we should be looking at.When merging the data, we should make it fit the specs, either by: At this point, named destinations (see in the specs) need to be reviewed, to make sure we don't have naming conflicts.

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