Pew research interracial dating

More broadly, one in 10 married people – not just those who recently married – had a spouse of a different race or ethnicity in 2015.

This translates into 11 million Americans, according to Pew.

Whites also have become more accepting of intermarriage, with the rates increasing from 4 percent to 11 percent during that same time period. The Lovings were thrown into a Virginia jail in 1958 for violating the state's ban on interracial marriage.There are multiple reasons for this, researchers said, pointing to attitudinal differences concerning race and the racial and ethnic makeup of each area. Lori Martin, an associate professor in African and African-American studies and sociology at Louisiana State University agreed, adding that increased interaction among different races and ethnic groups is key to addressing racism.“Non-metro areas have a relatively large share of white newlyweds (83 percent vs. “We tend to romanticize marriage, and we think that people just happen to fall in love, and love is blind, [but] the research shows that is just not the case,” Martin told the newspaper.Lichter, director of the Institute for the Social Sciences at Cornell University."But I think that a greater reason is the growing diversity of the population.

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