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Time Your Scents First, you have to use the right scent for the right phase of the rut you’re hunting.I still see a lot of guys who use that generic bottle of doe pee pulled from a discount store shelf throughout the season and expect it to bring bucks running as the rut hits fever pitch.Scent locations serve more to get a deer just walking past to stop and check it out, giving a hunter a better chance at getting a stationary, broadside shot.Using a scent drag soaked in the proper scent serves two purposes: One, it helps cover your own scent you may leave behind when walking in and two, it can serve to catch a buck’s attention as he is cruising by and draw him in a little closer. A heavily placed scent trail doesn’t mean a buck is going to come running right into your stand along that path.More than anything, doe urine will reassure deer as they pass through an area that everything is all right.

Sure, cotton balls in plastic canisters work, but they can also alter the smell of scents when combined with whatever material the canisters are made from.

A quality buck urine used in conjunction with scrapes (real or mock) or in other high-traffic areas is a good transition attractant leading up to the rut.

Aggression in bucks is building and they are becoming more competitive.

A lot of hunters expect to hang scents out and then watch as deer come running in to check them out.

To anyone who has hunted with scents, however, that just isn’t the case.

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