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In later years he joined the RLDS Church (now Community of Christ) and was a petitioner for RLDS Patriarchate from April 1872 to 13 November 1893. His Church in Covington, Kentucky, which also disintegrated after he introduced spiritual wifery into it.He always denied he and his brother Joseph had ever practiced or taught spiritual wifery or any other form of polygamy 10 Younger brother of Parley P. Was excommunicated for apostasy Aug 20, 1842, but readmitted Jan 20, 1843.1845 11 Brother-in-law of both Joseph Smith and Brigham Young through Eliza R. Convicted of unlawful cohabitation in 1885 and was imprisoned in 18.Was one of the few Latter-day Saint leaders who ceased cohabiting with his already existing plural wives after the 1890 Manifesto c.Reports of Cowley's continuing involvement in new plural marriages led to his priesthood being suspended, and he continued to be linked with plural marriage over the next several years.February 11, 1849 7 He was known for his fiery speeches during the Reformation of 1856, earning the nickname, "Brigham's Sledgehammer".Married his second wife ten years after his father had issued the 1890 Manifesto.January 20, 1854 2 An early member of the Latter Day Saint movement and a contemporary of both Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.

Lyman was excommunicated for apostasy on May 6, 1867. Smith as president of the LDS Church in November 1918.His wife Marinda married Joseph Smith in a polyandrous marriage while Hyde was on a mission to Jerusalem. 30 March 1880 3 Nibley was also the fifth presiding bishop of the LDS Church between 19. Was excommunicated for apostasy Aug 20, 1842, but readmitted Jan 20, 1843.9 Was temporarily removed from the Quorum of the Twelve due to the re-entry of Orson Pratt on January 20, 1843; Lyman was later readmitted on August 12, 1844. He is one of the few individuals to serve in the First Presidency without having been ordained to the priesthood office of apostle. As a result, was given reduced seniority in Jun 1875. Under the direction of Brigham Young, he published The Seer. After being elected a member of the Utah Territorial Legislature in 1882, he played an important role in the process whereby Utah made the transition from a territory to a state of the United States. Resigned from the Quorum in October 1905 and was excommunicated in 1911.Having never been a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles prior to his call to the First Presidency, a rarity, there has been some dispute as to whether or not Winder was ordained an Apostle at the time of his appointment as first counselor.The LDS Church has no record of Winder being ordained to the office of Apostle. He was ordained an apostle at the young age of 23, but served less than 8 years due to his death of smallpox.

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