Poems about sexchatting

There’s a great webcomic called Sinfest that used the Matrix as a metaphor for someone having just such a realization: You should go read them all, at least starting with the above comic.It’s got a badass feminist on a trike in place of Morpheus, a demon who’s lost her faith, and a former sex-pot who tries to show others what she can now see: I bet a lot of atheists would relate to that comic if you replace words like “damsels in distress” and “hey dollface” with, say, “blasphemy is a sin” and “evil atheist.” They’d understand that these are messages that become a part of our culture and get unknowingly parroted by those who can’t see religion’s sometimes damaging impact on those of us who lack belief and value free speech.Steven should have apologized to Jessica and thanked Rhys for pointing out his mistake before things truly got out of hand. Rhys continues to confront the apologists who fall over themselves attempting to justify their suggestion that Jessica offer herself up for sexualization.Instead, Steven doubles down and he’s joined by other men who say even worse things: Imagine how blind to reality one has to be to make a statement like that. They resort to calling Rhys an immature kid, because he’s a teen. PZ Myers sums it up perfectly on Twitter: Old people who simultaneously condescend to teenagers, calling them “immature” and out of their depth…while in the same thread they suggest that teenagers ought to pose for a sexy atheist page, so they can leer over them.I hope those men feel truly pathetic today for fighting so hard to make a teen girl uncomfortable, and for forcing her to step in and tell them herself, directly, that they were being inappropriate.As upsetting as I found that thread, I also see in it a lot of hope for the future.These atheists would never argue that those ideas are okay because religious people evolved to espouse them and they just can’t help it.But many of those same atheists do make that very argument about the impact of the patriarchy, and many of them, like the male character in the above comic, are blind to the messages we all receive constantly, every day, about how men and women should behave and be treated. v=cpi2IAec9Ho An ad telling us that women will have sex with men in exchange for flowers.

And it’s especially distressing to see a teenager encouraged to sexualize herself.

To Jessica’s infinite credit, she eventually did: Well isn’t this lovely.

My opinion: [there] are better and more appropriate ways of telling someone (in this case, a 16 year old), that they look nice.

Steven: It’s not an explicit page, and there’s a lot of good info that’s shared on there, as well as funny pictures.

Steven: (i.e., you’re taking the “sexy” part a bit too seriously) Rhys: Great, but telling a 16 year old girl to post photos on a group called “Sexy Atheists” is really fucking creepy. This is the point where all the adult men watching should have realized that Rhys was absolutely right.

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