Popular lesbian dating sites

Many large cities have thriving gay scenes, but gay individuals still face a lot of family pressure to get married and have children.

Gay activists say deeply conservative attitudes towards homosexuality in some parts of society have contributed to occasional government clampdowns.

But users began noticing last week that the app, along with its Twitter-like Weibo account and website, was no longer accessible, according to users posting on Weibo under the hashtags #rela and #relahasbeenblocked.

This is a great place to comment on lesbian links and the videos released today.“This is discrimination against us lesbians,” wrote one user on Weibo.“Not being able to open it feels like being jilted,” wrote another.LGBT events: With the help of this app you can remain aware of different LGBT events.Notifications: You can get notifications for every likes and comment. The identity of the women needs to be verified to get the membership. There are more than one subscription options to join ‘Her’. You can allow auto-renewal once a certain period of subscription is over.

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