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Property rights include the legal rights to acquire, own, sell and transfer property, collect and keep rents, keep one's wages, make contracts and bring lawsuits.

In history, a woman's property has often, but not always, been under the control of her father or, if she was married, her husband.

Location/Close enough to see daily During the shift, there are some things that stay consistently important—a man's kindness, sense of humor and ability to hold a good conversation (which includes listening! But, interestingly, a lot of the more physical traits—eyes, teeth, sexual chemistry—are swapped out over time.

And, though sexual chemistry was deemed less important long-term, women found sexual prowess to be increasingly important.

For women, attraction is more than a man's looks, especially in the long term.

Everyone knows that in a relationship, attraction goes well beyond physical traits.

In a massive new survey of more than 20,000 men and women, Your Tango teamed up with and to find out just how much power physical and non-physical traits hold over attraction within a relationship.

10 Ways Our Biology Influences Attraction We asked women what traits they found the most attractive in a man, both initially and over time in a relationship.

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He undertook the study in order to discover the reason behind the flawless skin of some women when compared with others.Maryland, 1774: required a private interview between a judge and a married woman to confirm her approval of any trade or sale by her husband of her property. Connecticut, 1809: law passed permitting married women to execute wills Various courts in colonial and early America: enforced provisions of prenuptial and marriage agreements placing her "separate estate" in a trust managed by a man other than her husband.Mississippi, 1839: law passed giving a woman very limited property rights, largely in connection with slaves.“I desperately want my daughter back but I’m not [sure] what will [be] the repercussions if she doesn’t come willingly,” the mother says.Kelly was acquitted of the child-pornography charges in 2008, and has settled multiple other sexual-abuse lawsuits out of court.

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