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Techniques that can build Attraction: There is no single, magical solution for finding love.

Nevertheless, there are some behaviors and techniques that make finding and keeping love more likely.

The three reputed phases of courtship, Attraction, building mutual Comfort and Trust, and Seduction, are supported by a significant and steady growing literature based in physiological, social, and evolutionary psychology research.".

Given that, it appears that the overall approach advocated by the seduction community does have merit, but the effectiveness of each individual technique is still up for debate.

In other words, it is the initial emotion that draws two people together.

Therefore, even though the overall pick-up artist theory shows merit, all of the tactics they propose have not yet been scientifically validated. Some of what they suggest may not work, may be detrimental, may be counter-productive, or may even go against a variety of values and morals each person holds.

So, if I am unable to respond to questions, or writing takes a little longer, please don't take it personally.

I will continue to write and respond as much as my time and health allow. I get a number of questions from readers about pick-up artists, game, and seduction techniques. Can you really use a technique get "someone to fall in love with you".."go to bed with you"?

In short...a specific technique may not work, may not work on a specific lover, may not work for you, or may not be right for your way of thinking.

If you browse The Attraction Doctor archives (see here), you will note a number of scientifically-supported techniques for influencing loving behavior.

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