Race and dating preferences

You can prefer brunettes to blondes and not be racist. But the specific exclusion of people from your dating pool based on race can only be described by one word.

At the distinct risk of sounding like a broken record about this, it’s racist to take every member of an ethnic group (that you’ve somehow defined in your unyielding sagacity) and neatly set them on the shelf never to be considered as humans to be courted, dated, loved, fucked, married, whatever.

The sentiment is very similar to fashion designers who say they don’t wish to use black models because they don’t fit with their aesthetic or don’t sell well.""Preferences for people you’re romantically or sexually interested in can be wide-ranging.

Sense of humor, height, freckles, muscles, taste in movies—all of these are valid preferences.

* The data showed that Asian women are the most preferred by all men except Asian men – who prefer Hispanic women.

If one recognizes or confesses to a racially discriminatory approach to prospective romantic or sexual partners, then one is obligated to consider the origins of this discrimination.

In Canada at least, our society does a comparatively decent job of condemning most forms of overt racism.

Part of this new media take over of dating is accredited to the ability to tailor your search results and only see profiles of people who have physical or personal characteristics that interest you.

However, many people’s description of what they are not interested in crosses the line into racism.

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