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FORTRAN and BASIC at that time had 1 based arrays (no collections).i have been trying to modify your code to achive this but will not work it always updating once a row is been selected #Region "Grid View1" Protected Sub gv Ticketsummary_Row Data Bound(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Grid View Row Event Args) If e.

Grid Command Event Args e) { Grid Data Item gd Item = (e.

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C:\Users\Eli\Desktop\Edit Gridview Cells_src\Edit Gridview Cells\Web. I am a beginner to dotnet and was wondering whether it is possible to code editable details view control. Visible = False ' Get the edit control for the selected cell and make it visible Dim _edit Control As Control = _grid View. Text End If ' If the edit control is a textbox then select the text If Type Of _edit Control Is Text Box Then Direct Cast(_edit Control, Text Box). Add("onfocus", "this.select()") End If End If Exit Select End Select End Sub ''' ''' A Data Source control normally takes the values ''' from the Edit Item Template to populate the New Values ''' collection when updating a Grid View row. Application.initialize(); Here is my Grid data Never Mind!!! NET 2.0 Grid View Control : • Dynamically Templated Grid View with Edit, Delete and Insert Options : View_with_Edit_Delete_and_Insert_How to adapt this beautifull code for several dynamic gridviews ? Maybe there is a way to intercept "Enter" press event and to process it correctly?Data Source = ds Record End If Else If View State("Update Param Group") Is Nothing = False Then ds Record = get Record By Type(View State("Update Param Group"), "") ajax Grid Param Grp. Grid Command Event Args) Handles ajax Grid Param Grp. Data Source = ds Record Else ds Record = get Record By Type("", "") ajax Grid Param Grp. Message & "');") End Try End Sub Protected Sub ajax Grid Param Grp_Insert Command(By Val source As Object, By Val e As Telerik. Insert Command Dim str Param Group As String Dim str Param Group Desc As String Try Clear Msg() Clear Msg() Param Grp Desc. But as the section/blocks of codes start, there is nothing which may help us to refer to that particular section in our codes and paste the code. I am developing a web app in asp.net/trying to simulate a desktop app I developed which needs for editable cells in gridviews where users need for increase/decrease the number of rows/columns, being them all editable. Controls[0]; I am not able to find the display and edit controls which I had added at run time.It would be much more helpful, if there were these instructions carried out. Could you provide please some code about it or adapt the code of your article? I created my template fields dynamically by implementing ITemplate interface. Can anybody help me out with sample code with dynamic columns behaving in exactly the same way. But whenever I click on a cell to edit it, it takes 5 secs to come to Edit mode. Is there any way to increase the performance speed?

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