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The arm is long relative to the leg, resulting in body proportions that differ dramatically from those of more-modern hominins.One of the more-important 21st-century discoveries included a mandible found at the Ledi-Geraru research site in Ethiopia’s Awash River valley in 2013, which could be the oldest known specimen attributed to .Other jaws are smaller but still robust in the sense of being thick relative to height.For example, the mandible of OH 13 is similar in many respects to that of on the basis of general anatomic similarity to later humans.These bones, found with skull bones, are still apelike in some aspects, but it is almost certain that the individual from which they came had dexterous hands.Stone artifacts and early hunted animals and brought the carcasses to where it lived for butchering, but it is now known that the situation was more complicated.Arm and leg bones of OH 62 are fragmentary, but the arm is relatively long.

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Another important specimen is the immature hand of OH 7.The bones seem to represent one individual, dated to 1.8 mya and called .The find is especially important because of the limbs, which show that OH 62 was a very small hominin., they described the increased cranial capacity and comparatively smaller molar and premolar teeth of the fossils, a humanlike foot, and hand bones that suggested an ability to manipulate objects with precision—hence the species name Apart from the original discovery of the 1.8-million-year-old jaw, cranial, and hand bones from a juvenile individual called Olduvai Hominid 7 (OH 7), additional fossils from Olduvai have been ascribed to was found, but the bones had been trampled by cattle after being washed into a gully. One intriguing specimen is OH 24, which was also from Olduvai and dated to about 1.8 mya.Some of the teeth survived, but the cranium was broken into many small fragments; only the top of the braincase, or vault, has been pieced back together. This cranium is more complete than others from Olduvai.

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