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I am intending to try and find a nice Thai girl on my next trip to Thailand with the view to hopefully having a long term relationship, but won’t be looking for a bar girl.

If I do decide to try and bring her to Australia on a tourist visa I will definitely avoid the shark visa agents in Bangkok that I encountered and only go with one of the reputable ones of which there are a few no doubt.

Apparently the Australian Embassy is awake to those tricks it would seem.

In the absence of a savings history or an explanation as to how the funds came into her bank account in the first place, it will be viewed as funds being deposited to prop up a tourist visa application, and this would surely result in the tourist visa application being refused.

I can’t help but think that if I had handed over the money to the first guy, what would have happened.

I have no doubt now that I would have lost my money.

No doubt Bangkok has its fair share or rogues and charlatans, Just look at all the foreigners that are constantly getting caught in the infamous Bangkok boiler rooms.

Thai Love Lines is the most popular Thai dating site online in Thailand with over four hundred new Thai personals profiles made every day of the week!

I guess the biggest warning to come out of this is that there are many rogues operating out there, and the advice they give you should be taken cautiously.

One thing for sure was that although I liked this girl I was not going to simply put 100,000 baht into her bank account.

Anyway I persevered and eventually found a visa agent in Bangkok that told me in no uncertain term that putting money into her bank account to make it look like she had savings to support herself was a sure fire way for her to get her visa refused.

I want to want everyone about a pitfalls and tricks when helping your Thai girlfriend to get an Australian visa.

In this case it was a tourist visa for my then Thai girl.

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