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Oh well, will search some more and email the guy off the CTC forum to see if he can be any help.I'm just pedantic - I like to have the Catalogue pages for all the bikes in the cave!Instead, the brakes push out against the underside of the wheel itself, actuated by a series of metal rods and levers instead of the usual cable.Here are a couple of images: There is a wonderful 17 minute video from the British Council of How A Bicycle Is Made that is well worth watching.It also came with the original saddle bag that needs some repair.Both: Both bikes came with the original Brooks saddles (already broken in! The Ladies’ Sports also has the original rear rack in ‘bronze green’ on it.Now got the Avanti cat page printed off for my collection!Interesting point about the Ozark - it was listed as a 1987 on e Bay when I bought it, and I was convinced it WAS an 1987 model, as I recall seeing this in my LBS window and I'd mapped it back that it was 1987.

The seller, however, told us that he’d had the bike converted from a 5-speed to a 3-speed when he first inherited it thirty years ago.It is a Sturmey-Archer hub as would have been the original.Her Raleigh: This bike’s number on the derailleur hub reads as “68”.I guess these would have been in the "lightweight" Catalogues they used to produce. _________________Bikes: '92 Alpinestars AL Mega DX, '93 Cannondale M2000, '94 GT Zaskar, '90 Saracen Tufftrax (Pink! Raleigh RSP Team Edition 853Projects: '89 Muddy Fox Courier Comp , '93 Raleigh Apex, '92 Cannondale M2000, '91 Scott Boulder, '87 Raleigh Ozark, '89 Raleigh Avanti, '87/88(? t=127519/ I see scans there Probably havn't got what you need here oooh this chap seem to have the '87 cat ) Marin Palisades Trail, '91/92 Saracen Conquest E Stay, Unknown Saracen (1994? f=1&t=37769Thanks, everyone - obviously better search skills than I.

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