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As a result of his careful management of the estate, the woods at Weasenham now combine high-quality timber production with the amenity value of ornamental trees and flowering shrubs such as rhododendrons, azaleas and magnolias.

Coke had a great understanding of the countryside and was appalled at some of the imbalances of nature that have arisen in the last 20 years, in particular the damage to woodland and bird life caused by the arrival of the grey squirrel, whose effects he felt have not yet been fully appreciated.

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The company commander was killed and Coke took charge, leading his men over very difficult terrain under constant machine-gun fire.

After the three companies had suffered 70 per cent casualties on November 10, they had to regroup to hold a strongpoint.

His grandfather had introduced some Western American conifers - Douglas Fir, Noble Fir and Sitka Spruce - to fill gaps in the existing woods and, in 1904, his father had adopted the "uneven aged" or "continuous cover" system, whereby the wood is never clear-felled.

Building on his father's achievements in forest management became Coke's life's work.

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