Rita ora and tinie tempah dating

Among them was one-year-old Rita who would one day grow up to be one of the UK music scene’s most exciting musicians.When her family arrived in London, refugees from a conflict tearing apart the land they loved, all they wanted for their daughter was a better life.

The youngster showed an early interest in music, in particular singing.In Rita Ora's immediate family is her mom, dad, younger brother Ajo.She is currently dating Rob Kardashian ( Kim Kardashian's younger brother) and is rumored to be engaged to him. Although her background is Albanian she still speaks the language, but only to a certain extent because of her Western London upbringing.Although these were all to have some influence on her, Ora stated that the biggest influences on her when she was growing up were Beyoncé and Gwen Stefani.Recognizing their daughter’s talents, Rita’s parents decided to send her to the world-famous Sylvia Young Theatre School after she finished primary school.

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