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When you first install the app, you will be able to create and customize a 3D Avatar.The next step will be choosing among multiple attributes, traits and emotions that you find appealing and these initial choices will affect how the AI will behave when interacting with you.Progress on this system as well as other design elements will be posted and announced on this site.Power and Processors: Power supply and processing will be external, housed in a small portable enclosure, which will contain rechargeable batteries sufficient for hours of unplugged use.Several different variations of this head platform will be released starting around the end of 2017.Features: Animagnetic face system: We have been granted a patent on the design of this system.

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These dolls are being used as the exclusive platform for our robotics hardware, and we are designing the products we create to integrate with as many Realdoll bodies as possible.

Network Requirements: Internet connection required for full functionality of all features, specifically voice recognition and app login.

Limited use possible offline, once secure login has been established.

If you are a current Realdoll owner, you can enjoy our upcoming robotic head system on your current doll’s body by using an adaptor specifically designed for the particular body type you may own.

By using a Bluetooth speaker equipped skull cap (available here: Click for details) you can also connect the Harmony A. app to your current doll while waiting for the robotic systems to be released.

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