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In Robert de Boron's Merlin, written around the 1190s, the wizard Merlin creates the Round Table in imitation of the table of the Last Supper and of Joseph of Arimathea's Holy Grail table.

This table, here made for Arthur's father Uther Pendragon rather than Arthur himself, has twelve seats and one empty place to mark the betrayal of Judas.

Other versions treat the Round Table differently, for instance Italian Arthurian works often distinguish between the "Old Table" of Uther's time and Arthur's "New Table." During the Middle Ages, festivals called Round Tables were celebrated throughout Europe in imitation of Arthur's court.

Wace says Arthur created the Round Table to prevent quarrels among his barons, none of whom would accept a lower place than the others. Stay out of the bathroom for your photo shoot, away from the washing machine, dirty clothing pile, the tangled mess of wires attached to your stereo or computer, a untidy kitchen or any place that tells more than you really should; i.e, I'm a slob, and I'm looking for someone to clean up after me. Mingle2 is the best free dating app & site for online dating in Round Rock.Though the Round Table itself is not mentioned until Wace, the concept of Arthur having a marvelous court made up of many prominent warriors is much older.Geoffrey of Monmouth says that after establishing peace throughout Britain, Arthur "increased his personal entourage by inviting very distinguished men from far-distant kingdoms to join it." The code of chivalry so important in later romance figures in as well, as Geoffrey says Arthur established "such a code of courtliness in his household that he inspired peoples living far away to imitate him." Long before Geoffrey, Arthur's court was well known to Welsh storytellers; in the romance Culhwch and Olwen, written around 1100, the protagonist Culhwch invokes the names of 225 individuals affiliated with Arthur.

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