Row cannot be located for updating ado

Part of Microsofts Universal Data Access strategy, it aims to facilitate access to information across data sources.

The goal is to reliably offer high-performance data access that supports industry standards.

When attempting to fetch rowsets (for example, by using the SELECT DISTINCT command), duplicate rowsets might not be recognized because the ROWID column makes each one unique.

The range of numbers in Oracle exceeds the range of DBTYPE_VARNUMERIC.

SQLBase OLE DB Data Provider name When you configure a programming tool to use the Provider, you may need to enter a provider name.

For SQLBase OLE DB Data Provider, the name is: SQLBase OLEDB The provider string is initialized for the open call that establishes a connection to SQLBase through the OLE DB provider.

To avoid this 2000-byte limit, you must upgrade your client software to Oracle8 (version or later).

Some system tables returned by IDBSchema Rowset might not be accessible due to system access restrictions.

Using this provider against an Oracle 7.x server may produce an error when performing an outer join.

About SQLBase OLE DB Data Provider Built upon OLE DB technology, SQLBase OLE DB Data Provider lets programmers access SQLBase functionality from a variety of supported visual programming tools.

Historically, developers have had to call SQL/API functions or use the ODBC API to access a database.

This occurs because the Oracle server converts the empty string to NULL, but the ADO Recordset object stores the empty string.

Connecting to SQLBase Chapter 4 Introducing SQLBase OLE DB Data Provider This chapter contains an overview of SQLBase OLE DB Data Provider functionality and software requirements.

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