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Here is a shortcut to all Categories at the bottom of this page.Grandma's stewing about something her sister said 20 years ago, Uncle Rupert's out teaching the kids about bottle rockets, and no one on dad's side of the family is currently speaking.If your family reunions look something like this, rest easy: You're still doing better than a great number of kings and queens throughout history.

He may have been forced to commit suicide, or he may have been buried alive. War of brothers A conflict called the War of the Two Brothers can signal just one thing — a serious family meltdown.From palace assassinations to serial marriages, castle walls have seen it all. Cleopatra, coming at you Cleopatra is famous for her suicidal ending.What's less known is her bloody beginning — and the familial drama that brought her to power.Olympias would not escape the succession wars unscathed. Dozens of co-conspirators were sentenced to death, according to contemporary records, including Pentaweret.Captured not long after she had Philip III and Eurydice killed, she was stoned to death by relatives of people she had ordered executed. Murder of a pharaoh Harems are all fun and games until somebody gets their throat slit, as Ramesses III learned the hard way. Archaeologists reported in 2012 they may have found the prince's mummy.

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