Rules for dating a guy

Don’t pretend to become their personal shrink and ask your date to open up to you and reveal all in no time.

[Read: 10 biggest dating turn offs for women] #10 Be sincere and truthful Be sincere about yourself and in your compliments.

Did you light a cigarette to calm your nerves before the date? And after the meal, always excuse yourself to the restroom to pop in a breathmint or do it discreetly while you’re at the table.

If you’re lucky enough to kiss on a first date, you don’t want to smell like a restaurant’s kitchen when you get closer to your date.

You’d end up looking more like someone who’s too desperate.

It’s also your way of letting your date know that you respect them.

On a successful date, a man has to be the chivalrous knight, and a woman has to be the elegant damsel in distress, because that’s just the way both sexes expect their dates to be.

#6 Touchy manners You may touch your date once or twice during the date, but if your date mate doesn’t reciprocate your touch with a warm smile or another touch, don’t push your luck.

Don’t ever get touchy feely unless your date’s getting touchy feely with you.

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