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Thelma Juaton, a 28-year-old Filipina, died Wednesday, Sept.22, a day after her car crashed near Mount Emma Road and Angeles Forest Highway in Angeles Crest, according to Los Angeles County coroner's records.But when Lauren learns how deep corruption runs at Paradise Trails under the pernicious rule of warden and bow-hunter, Bob, she plots her escape, with the aid of rebellious inmate Rebecca. , directed by Taron Lexton and written by Nancy Cartwright and Peter Kjenaas. A shy small-town Ohio girl who loves movies but dislikes reality, discovers the delightfully bizarre films of Federico Fellini, and sets off on a strange, beautiful journey across Italy to find him. A young man living a sheltered life develops a crush on a stripper and joins her Alcoholics Anonymous group just so he can be in the same room with her. (USA) “Mully” depicts the extraordinary rags-to-riches story of Charles Mully, whose meteoric rise from orphaned poverty in Kenya leads him on an unimaginable journey of selflessness.Cast: Bailey Noble, Jeanine Mason, Michael Grant Terry and Bill Sage , directed by Renée Felice Smith and C. Cast: Maria Bello, Ksenia Solo, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Beth Riesgraf , directed by William H. , directed by Alex Ranarivelo, written by Christina Moore and Gloria Musca. When Emma Gardner learns of her father’s untimely death, she returns to her home town to find that the idyllic farming community of her childhood has been ravaged by drought and is now a place tormented by gangs and the ill effects of extreme poverty.At this time, investigators are still trying to determine whether Thelma was a willing participant in the crash. 8: Russel Juaton continues to be held at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in downtown.Russel Juaton has since been arrested and charged with murder, Heck said. Cast: Juliet Stevenson, Jodhi May, Lucy Boynton, Karin Bertling and Stanley Weber , directed and written by Courtney Moorehead Balaker. A small-town nurse named Susette Kelo emerges as the reluctant leader of her working-class neighbors in their struggle to save their homes from political and corporate interests bent on seizing the land and handing it over to Pfizer Corporation.

Festival passes range from 0-,000, and are currently on sale at To make a humane kill, these animal lovers confront tormenting ethics and their worst nightmares, partly to eat dinner, and partly to carve out their own identities in a world increasingly at odds with reality and nature., directed by Jenni Gold, written by Jenni Gold and Sam Reed. This star-studded documentary takes us on a thought provoking and humorous journey to explore the evolution of disability portrayals in film and television. Gertrude Bell, the most powerful woman in the British Empire in her day, shaped the modern Middle East after World War I in ways that still reverberate today. “Women of the Silk Road” explores the diversity of individual lives under the broad banner of the Middle East and Central Asia; and the simple truth that all lives are about love. Cast: Emmett Hughes, Thomas Gibson, Ciáran Hinds, Paula Malcomson, Bronagh Waugh, Jerry Ferrara, Aisha Tyler and Sam Rockwell , directed by Remy Auberjonois, written by Kate Nowlin and Remy Auberjonois. A dramatic psychological thriller about a female Marine veteran and the struggle to come home., directed by Wolfgang Pfoser-Almer and Stefan Wolner, written by Wolfgang Pfoser-Almer. A 1932-born hard-working poor black man from the Mississippi backwoods becomes an internationally acclaimed Blues star after he releases his debut album at age 81. More influential than her friend and colleague Lawrence of Arabia, Bell helped draw the borders of Iraq and established the Iraq Museum. , directed by Alexandre Peralta, written by Alexandre Peralta and Melissa Rebelo Kerezsi. “Looking at the Stars” is an intimate glimpse into the lives of the extraordinary ballerinas at the world’s only ballet school for the blind – the Fernanda Bianchini Ballet Association for the Blind. Five middle-class working mothers juggle parenting and demanding jobs while contemplating major life decisions. Cast: Kate Nowlin, Chris Sullivan, Tom Lipinski, Rusty Schwimmer, Ashlie Atkinson, Ken Marks and Rene Auberjonois , directed and written by Dorie Barton. Bird, 12, has to become a woman whether she wants to or not when – in the worst week of her life – she gets her first period, is ditched by her impulsive, free spirited mom, and learns that you can never really go back to The Valley.According to coroner's records, Thelma suffered blunt head trauma which caused brain inactivity, and she was pronounced dead the next day.Russel Juaton, a 28-year-old Filipino man, suffered non-life threatening injuries, Heck said.

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