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If you require additional assistance or resources, please let us know and we will try to help you.Saudi Arabia goes to notorious lengths to prevent unsanctioned romance.In fact, a Muslim woman can insert a clause in the marriage contract that restricts her husband from marrying another woman for as long as the contract is valid. Although gender roles have always been clearly defined in the Islamic world, with the man as ‘provider’ and the woman as ‘nurturer’, both man and wife are increasingly going out to work, although this is much less common in Saudi Arabia, where there are restrictions on women working, except in culturally ‘acceptable’ occupations such as medicine and teaching.However, many Saudi men are reluctant to marry doctors and nurses, who have been exposed to male bodies.As is the case in some Latin countries, young couples in the region are allowed to meet under the watchful eye of a chaperon.In some of the stricter Gulf societies, however, the marriage is arranged without any part of the female partner’s body (including her face) having been seen by the prospective groom, who must rely on the reports of his female relatives as to his wife’s appearance. First, the groom must discuss and agree the dowry with the bride’s father.

Expatriate workers can usually be married in the Gulf, provided that they meet the civil and religious requirements of their home country.

A man can divorce his wife simply by saying ‘I divorce you’ three times.

He can rescind the divorce if this was done in the heat of the moment, but only if the wife agrees (and only on three occasions! On the other hand, even if a wife has good reason to seek a divorce (e.g.

Today, the Kingdom remains one of America’s closest allies and strongest economic partners in the Middle East.

Our mission at the embassy is to assist in strengthening, deepening and broadening this historical and strategic relationship.

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