Scott foley dating marika dominczyk

From “Felicity” to “The Unit” to “Scrubs” to “Grey’s Anatomy” to “True Blood” to “Scandal,” Scott Foley’s television career has been an extensive and varied one.

Enter Foley, whose feature film directorial debut is the dark comedy “Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife,” which follows the dark and twisted tale of a group of friends whose murderous fantasies of killing off their pal’s spouse turn into an accidental reality.READ MORE: Watch: Scott Foley Makes Directorial Debut with Dark and Twisted ‘Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife’It’s so nice to talk to you. It’s amazing how many people come up to me and they’re like, “Hey, I loved ‘Felicity.’ You were such a loser.I was a teenage girl watching “Felicity.”Oh my gosh, you’re aging us both, Casey. I was so Team Ben.” And I think like, oh, that’s kind of a compliment. And before I say anything, we knew going in that some people are really going to appreciate and love and laugh at, and some people are going to find it offensive and disturbing.Did you consider not also acting in it yourself, or was that one of your restrictions, that you had to play double duty? But as soon as everyone started to read the script and they mentioned that film to me, it completely made a connection and obviously had some sort of influence on me while I was doing this.No I didn’t think I was going to act in it at all, and when we came down to the casting process, we were looking for people we knew would add something to the cast. There’s mention of “The Shawshank Redemption” and then “Fargo.” Do you consider yourself a cinephile or film geek? But there are not that many films with this, for better or worse, [laughs] this sort of tone. Katz’s “Cheap Thrills.” It’s got this comedic tone but it’s really dark. But it’s got a few bloody moments, similar to your film, but I think you guys have tapped into a budding genre.

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