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But at the time I thought it could work but you can't have the best of both worlds.'The beauty explained that she had let her family down but asked the Geordie Shore fans to forgive her for her unfaithful display.

She added: 'I have let a lot of people down including my family but everyone makes mistakes, there's people in that house who have done similar things to me if not worse.

And Zahida Allen proved that all was well with Sean Pratt after the lovebirds packed on some serious PDA on the beach in Ibiza.

The Geordie Shore star, 23, absolutely sizzled in a skimpy, eye-catching iridescent bikini as the hunky reality star pulled her close from behind.

'I didn't, I told him what I could remember when I finished filming, but hearing it and actually seeing it are two total different things.'It's hard for him and I have hurt him and I wish I never did Geordie Shore!!! Sean has been my absolute rock and losing him is so hard.

Being a new person in Geordie Shore and being in a relationship, are two different ends of the spectrum.

The occasion was a gala concert being held in the week leading up to what would have been his father’s 70th birthday. Should I catch her or should I cue the end of the song?

'It was really difficult,’ Lennon, 35, acknowledges of his multi-faceted organisational role. Because it’s about my mum being the queen of the board. It was a grand piano and it was slippery and they were both in heels. What could happen now, other than something terrible?

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Following explosive spit-wapping scene with lothario Scotty T, Zahida apoligised online to her Sean and insisted that her decision to appear on the show was the biggest mistake of her life.But so are the alternative options we've lined up below by the likes of Beach Bunny, Pretty Pink Princess and more. The reality sensation's sex appeal was hard to resist for Sean who utilised his inked arms to draw her close as they frolicked in the ocean.Back on the sand, Zahida showcased her peachy posterior as she rubbed sun-lotion all over the Ex On The Beach star's incredibly chiselled torso.His girlfriend, the model Charlotte Kemp Muhl, picks up the story: 'Gaga was killing it as always and everyone was standing on their feet and screaming. They both started rolling around and singing upside down on top of the piano. At 16 she was reportedly the youngest model to appear on the cover of Harpers & Queen.And Yoko was looking at this and she was like, “Hmm…” She was not to be outdone! She is currently contracted to the make-up brand Maybelline, but dismisses most of her other modelling work – it’s 'depressingly easy’ – and she says she does it only to help pay for her musical adventures.

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