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When I responded that a) There are worse things in life then having dinner with someone who you find unattractive, andb) His friend was at fault for not exchanging photos before meeting up he was totally unconvinced, and more then a tad miffed that i should question his judgement.

[Content note: Gender, relationships, feminism, manosphere. Quotes, without endorsing and with quite a bit of mocking, mean arguments by terrible people.

And if it hasn’t happened to you yet, you can say “What’s wrong with these terrible people on these awful sites?

” Or you can ask, “How can I make this work for me, despite the obvious flaws? But I’ll tell you, all it takes is one person – and you’ll be standing right with me.

Turn on the TV and it’s not about kittens being saved from trees, but drive-by shootings.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of kittens saved from trees.

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