Seo updating content

Information that was accurate just a few months ago might be completely different now. Imagine searching for “best gardening techniques” or “running shoe reviews.” Wouldn’t you prefer to read something published in the last year, rather than an article from 2010? The truth is we’re more likely to click on articles that are published recently, and this means the click-through rate of an article you publish will increase when you update it.

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The truth is that for a lot of topics, including SEO, times change quickly.Now, to be fair, he didn’t just edit the spelling and grammar mistakes.He also optimized the post for a more relevant keyword, which I’ll discuss in a minute.When Ahrefs launched evergreen content instead of content that was quickly outdated, they saw a massive spike in views and visits. Work hard to make sure it’s fresh, and you’ll get the lion’s share of the Google results your articles deserve.It’s an easy way to improve your rankings by demonstrating you have fresh content.

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