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If you edit a file in desktop, you jsut need to refresh the drive folder in your laptop to make it work.

We would need to look at the log file from tonido drive. Stop Tonido drive and delete %APPDATA%/Tonido Drive/data/Tonidodrive.log2. Change I looked at the log and I actually see data being uploaded back to the server after modifications Note that the after modifications, the upload will happen.

The problem was that a user control instance was created on parent view load.

so when i requested adding new user control inside a tab item a new instance was created.

At that point the changes I made on the Drive side got lost (i.e.

Template.3) Open the LANDesk Management Suite console4) Go to Tools | Reporting/Monitoring | Software License Monitoring5) Click on the 'Make Available to Clients' button.

I tested with a word file and that does not behave the same way...

I have attached a new log file and a Word document showing the process..regards Mats Hi, I saw that there was an update to the Tonido Drive.

The LDAPPL3isn't updating on clients regardless of whether the list and changes have been made available from the console. If it says "page cannot be displayed" then remove the ldappl3from the path and try access just the folder. Right click the ldlogon folder and select properties. Check the Mime Types by Right clicking on the ldlogon virtual directory selecting properties. Once the ldz file is accessible, this problem should be resolved.

This happens because the clients cannot access the ldappl3file on the core via HTTP. Copy the path and paste it into an internet browser and press enter. On the Web Sharing tab ensure the folder is shared with read and directory browsing permissions. If these settings are already in place and you are still unable to browse the directory then you will want to evaluate the security settings in place on the network. Mime Types can be found in the HTTP Headers tab of the properties window. If the ldappl3 files on the core server are missing or damaged then the ldappl3will not download to the agent. If the is updating on some clients, but not others, compare the contents of the LANDesk\Shared Files\cbaroot directory on a working client that does not update.

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