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"We need to think as a society what we want to do about it.

Photo: Screenshot: True Companion Improving technology and a widening customer base has created more and more lifelike sex dolls in just the past few years.Artificial intelligence research will soon create robots that are, for all practical purposes, indistinguishable from humans. Many people in this world suffer from loneliness and a lack of companionship. Therefore, human beings should be able to (and soon will) fall in love with and marry a robot. These are crucially important matters, and my colleagues at and elsewhere in the Anglican world have devoted much study and reflection to them over the years.It takes only a little thoughtful attention to see the conflations and confusions in this argument, and possible Christian responses to them are too multifarious to cover completely in this brief essay. For now, however, I will follow Emily Dickinson’s injunction to “tell the truth and tell it slant,” in the hope that asking slightly different questions may help the Church as we think about how to respond to this brave new technological problem — that is in reality not very new at all."The price of True Companion’s dolls are listed as ,995 and dozens of hair styles, lipstick, eye shadow and nail colors are available under preset “personalities” given names such as Escape, Beyounce and Challenge.The dolls are also able to speak several different languages.

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