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However, on the other side sits choreographers at 0.4 per cent, pharmacists have a 1.2 per cent chance and engineers have a 1.4 per cent chance of a robot takeover - all of which are 'totally safe'.Sony SRS-XB40 has a built-in multi-coloured line light, speaker lights and a flashing strobe.His talk show is infamous for its confrontational guests, looking to fix their broken relationships with lie detectors and DNA tests.And now it seems that a new version of The Jeremy Kyle Show will replace the host with a robot.'We're looking for great characters to visit London for one day to see how this technology can help them in their situation.'It is unclear which TV channel the producers are hoping to screen the show on.The producer's note continues: 'It's part of a high-profile artificial intelligence season on one of the nation's most popular and respected channels.'It should be a unique experience for those involved and the filming will take place for a day in London in September.'If you have any big decisions to make around health, relationships, sex or family we want to hear from you!Mr Zheng dressed his creation, called Yingying, in a traditional wedding outfit for the ceremony in Dream Town, a hub for internet start-ups in the Future Technology City suburb of Hangzhou, in eastern China.Photos showed him carrying the 4st 10lb robot in his arms.

Artificial intelligence (AI) expert Zheng Jiajia, 31, tied the knot with his humanoid bride in a simple ceremony attended by his mother and some friends, according to reports.Those jobs were then matched to a wage that determines the worker's risk of having their jobs taken over by a robot.'The median probability of automation was then calculated for three ranges of hourly wage: less than 20 dollars; 20 to 40 dollars; and more than 40 dollars,' reads the report.The risk of having your job taken over by a robot, Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Jason Furman told reporters that it 'varies enormously based on what your salary is.' Furman also noted that the threat of robots moving in on low-wage jobs is, 'another example of why those investments in education to make sure that people have skills that complements automation are so important,' referring to programs advocated by President Obama.Cashier was ranked as one of the highest at risk, with a 97 per cent likelihood and automation risk level of 'you are doomed'.Cooks are also at the top with 94 per cent, followed by retail sales persons with 92 percent.

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