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The girlfriend woke up the next morning and discovered Sizemore wasnt at their campsite.She spoke with Sizemores friend and was told that he never went to the bar, the report said.Video of the shooting shows several ways Tiller’s actions didn’t match proper training.Tiller ran up to the front of the car, instead of keeping his distance to the side; he had no knowledge that a violent felony was taking place requiring his immediate intervention; and he had Hammond’s tag number and the cellphone number of the passenger who texted the officer to try and sell the drugs.Lamb was a passenger in the car pulled over, and her family’s lawsuit said she was trying to move across the front seat to get control of the vehicle after the driver jumped out.Woodruff officer Todd Knight said he shot her because he thought Lamb was trying to run him over.He added: 'Anybody that could possibly have any information...Police forces in South Carolina have reached several high-dollar settlements in cases where officers have shot and killed drivers and others in moving vehicles in the past several years.

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Lane said he feared he was going to be run over as Oliver drove off.

Deputies say Sizemore, who may be armed with multiple knives, possibly has mental issues.

Family members said Sizemore had traveled from his Ohio home with a girlfriend to Orangeburg County.

Above, deputies at the scene'We believe this incident is an isolated incident.

What i would say is we are actively following some leads.

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