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Two drinking and partying conversation skits prompted audience reaction and comment to what they were seeing and hearing.

Discussion and dialogue was led by a moderator from the High Impact Training Company and the GTC Dramatic Dialogues based in St Cloud, MN.

Two Hundred Attend Sex and Drug Dialogue at Central Lakes College Approximately two hundred students, faculty and community members, including AAUW members, engaged in dialogue about substance abuse, sexual communication and sexual assault on Tuesday, March 1st at Central Lakes College (CLC) in Brainerd, MN.

With a grant from AAUW, the Brainerd Branch and Central Lakes College co-sponsored the event.

Mary Sam, CLC’s Director of Diversity, Equity and Tribal Relations, and a Brainerd Branch AAUW member submitted a Campus Outreach Program Funding Request to AAUW (national) to assist CLC in their start-up of the plan. The grant will be used to help pay for “GTC Dramatic Dialogues”, a program, consisting of a skit, “The Sex Drugs Show”, which is followed by discussion with students on types of drinking behavior, the effect of substance abuse on academic performance, what happens when alcohol and sexual communication collide, as well as the difficult subject of sexual assault.

AAUW members and the community, along with CLC faculty and students, are invited to attend the program which will be held sometime in February or the first week of March, 2016, prior to spring break.

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"They should have something to say about it."State records show Health Department officials investigated the case in the months after the assault.

Statistics Note: This list is by no means exhaustive. Findings from this report include: Mohler-Kuo, M., Dowdall, G., Koss, M., & Wechsler, H. Correlates of Rape While Intoxicated in a National Sample of College Women. Findings from this report include: AAUW Members Encourage Use of Title IX Guides in Area Schools Brainerd Lakes Area AAUW Branch members Sandy Backowski, Little Falls, and Jean Schaeffer, Brainerd, gave 14 local school districts a call recently, asking for the name of the District’s Title IX Coordinator and if they were aware of the new Title IX Coordinator’s Guide.

There are numerous studies on sexual violence on campus. This analysis cutting tool was designed to provide rapid customized reports for public inquiries relating to campus crime data. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice. Sexual Assault on Campus: What Colleges and Universities Are Doing About It. Title IX is about ending sex discrimination in schools. Department of Education released a Title IX Guide, in April, 2015, to help Title IX Coordinators in schools understand the full scope of their jobs.

Our group provides opportunities to learn, meet new people, and sample some great food!

This year, we are supporting AAUW’s mission by focusing on two policy areas: solutions to sex trafficking and STEAM – S(cience) T(echnology) E(ngineering) A(rts) M(ath).

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