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"Terry Bean is innocent and we are prepared to prove that trial," Ashton said after the hearing. In Lane County "we set dates and we expect them to be met," Mc Alpin said.Healy will confer with Mc Alpin and attorneys for Bean and Lawson on Tuesday to update them on his efforts to find the alleged victim and whether the state will seek a continuance. Zennache briefly cleared the courtroom during the July 16 hearing while Ashton and Lori Deveny, an attorney representing the boy, detailed the proposed settlement.

THE INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THIS SITE IS PROVIDED AS A PUBLIC SERVICE ONLY AND SHOULD NOT BE USED TO THREATEN, INTIMIDATE, OR HARASS.The man contacted investigators and The Oregonian/Oregon Live last year and gave details of the relationship, which he said lasted about six months.Earlier this month, the man said he was no longer willing to testify at the trial because the alleged victim is uncooperative and because his name appeared in court filings.In early July, Bean proposed a civil compromise that could have resulted in the dismissal of the criminal charges against him. During Friday's hearing, Ashton asked that media be ordered to leave the courtroom.He said there would be a discussion of evidence unlikely to be admissible at trial and news stories including the information could influence potential jurors.

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