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These urges are best paralleled with feeding time at the zoo!!

While you are at the zoo, you might want to check up on how this evolutionary ladder thing is progressing!!

One of the darts that Bob has thrown has pierced Helen's heart, as if it was one of cupid's arrows.

See more » The first dart Bob throws at Helen's picture, lands right in the middle of her head, blocking her face.

Sarah, who now calls herself Salome, is pregnant with Chad's baby, but Chad has no future, no job and no money. See full summary » During the Korean War, Italian nurse Virna Lisi falls in love with two American fliers, Tony Curtis and George C. Lisi marries Curtis after he convinces her that Scott has been ...

See full summary » In order to get back into the good graces with his wife with whom he has had a misunderstanding, a young chemistry professor concocts a wild story that he is an undercover FBI agent. See full summary » Using Helen Gurley Brown's book as a jump off point, we follow the adventures of a supermarket tabloid editor as he tries to parlay an interview with the author of the book into headlines and sales. In the scene where Bob is throwing darts at a photo of Helen, the camera eventually zooms in on the picture to show not only her face, but also to give a sly bit of foreshadowing.

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It is now become very obvious to you that first hand consequences are dreadfully different from that article you read in Reader's Digest" on "THE DON JUAN COMPLEX" To top it all off, you fall in love!! Originally known as the adorable little girl on "Miracle on 34th St" not much has changed since then!!Such a wardrobe suggests a disconcerting demeanor about "Being Above Reproach" So!!as a result, sex with whom you think is a married man, (Tony Curtis) is just not in your cosmopolitan repertoire.then again, he does that "Thing with the Ear"...It depicts a scenario that the sexual revolution comes in blue and pink, and it is here to stay for good and keeps, it is just a matter of how effective and ubiquitous it will be on the various individuals involved!!Body parts like knees and ear lobes are vulnerabilities for the consummate carnal's double-entendre!!

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