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I was standing in line, patiently waiting my turn, at our local Greek Deli.

While admiring the pastries in the refrigerated counter in front of me, an older gentleman tapped my shoulder and asked, “Do you mind if I get in get in line behind you? I mentioned that the pastries in front of us were not only delicious, but calorie free.

Christian Jones, 16, a junior at the Brown School, has also spoken at a board meeting on this issue.Benton said the district also offers "amazing professional development" for practical living teachers.But she said that JCPS can't mandate which professional development options that teachers take each year."Some of these teachers graduated before heroin was an issue or before transgender was an issue in the classroom," Benton said. Yes, you have to teach sex ed in the 12 weeks, but you also have to teach all these other things."Wright said the push to take another look at revamping responsible sex education is not a JCPS-only issue, saying it's being seen in schools and communities across the country.I’d rather be behind a beautiful lady than a man.” I liked him immediately and straightened up, pulling my shoulders back and chest out. Cheesecake, cupcakes, tortes, baklava, bread pudding, fresh baked cookies and more lined the case. My mother was born in nineteen twenty and no one made cakes like hers.” His brown eyes twinkled as he smiled with the memory. “I was born when Coolidge was running for president.” I’ll be ninety-three this month.” He looked seventy.

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