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You can also "accept responsibility" for your cheating actions, lol. If either partner is "cheating," then he or she is doing so despite the knowledge that it may hurt his/her significant other. A responsible person faces his/her partner and discusses the issue.A responsible person gives his/her partner the chance to compromise or to work together to solve the issue.If a couple (or however many are involved in the relationship) mutually agrees that sex outside their relationship is okay, then it's not cheating; it's an agreement in which both partners are aware.

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I wouldn't equate cheating to rape or murder, but I don't see a cheater as "responsible" or honest or worthy of his/her relationship.For these people, becoming involved in a well-matched partnership diminishes or eliminates their desire to cheat."Once a cheater, always a cheater” does not hold true for this group.Let's start to answer by considering three primary types of reasons for cheating: 1.characteristics about their relationship itself that are unsatisfying.

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