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Then, the bride will be ‘kidnapped’ – and the groom must perform for the guests to win her back!

In Quebec and other French-speaking parts of Canada, the older, unmarried siblings of the bride and groom perform a dance at the reception while wearing ridiculous, brightly-colored, knitted socks.

At the reception, a guest will grab a big bowl or a hat and shout ‘THE BRIDE IS FOR SALE.’ He then puts money in the bowl, passes it on, and starts to dance with the bride.

Everyone who adds money has a turn at dancing with the bride, until the groom wants a go.

Guests can show their approval of the dancing display by tossing money at the siblings, which is then (generously) donated to the bride and groom.

At a Finnish wedding reception, the groomsmen will kidnap the bride (often while disguised as gangsters).

As the couple arrives, the mother of the groom welcomes them and ceremonially smashes the bell, bringing the couple good luck and prosperity.

In this fashion, it passes from generation to generation, becoming a beloved family heirloom in the process.This symbolizes the ways in which they must work together in the future (although, to make it a bit quicker, the log has sometimes already been partially sawed through by the fathers of the bride and groom).In some parts of the South, the bride and groom bury a (full!Try our spanking dating site and explore all the features, such as member videos, group chat, video spanking chat, spanking blogs, and more!Anonymously explore your fetish until you are ready to take it offline and make your fantasies a reality.

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