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LIVE STREAMING RATES DEPEND ON TYPE OF ACTThe rates for a live-streaming are decided on hourly basis depending upon the type of act and age or ethnicity of the 'performer'. Some of these websites active on the internet are com, m.

Experts point out that it could be difficult for law enforcement agencies to bring the perpetrators to book in the absence of relevant laws."Cyber sex is new a menace where minors are exploited on the Internet by online pimps in the disguise of escort agents or model coordinators," Prashant Mali, Mumbai High Court lawyer and a cyber security expert said.

They were initially drawn into the scam when they received a friend request over social media sites of an "attractive" young woman.

The temptress then encouraged the men to chat to her online through Skype and eventually persuaded them to perform sex acts in front of the camera for her.

With development of sensor technologies and mobile Internet, we are now launching our bi-directionally controlled cyber-sex toy for everyone who wants to improve their long-distance love life.

The new version comes with a male toy named as Max, and a female toy called Nora.

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