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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... don't be too quick to judge)Watch the people around you... I want everything and I want it delivered, I'm Not in a hurry lol. The more money you have, the more time you have to choose, what you want to do. I myself have always lived with patients, I never wear a watch as well. Well, tonight I had to work overtime, cause everyone wanted their cars fixed now!Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. The problem with the rat race is,even if you win the race,you're still a rat. I don't wear a watch, I have one clock in my house, and I will be there, when I get there. hahaha too funnywell I don't surround my self with those fast people I got the patience of Eeyore (but not pessimistic like him ! .then I sit down and wait for the feeling to does When pigs fly... ...winter's coming, I need this I need that..blah is a mess, we need more mechanics, we need more people to help, crap, I'm late rush back to work...It was the best move I've made for myself and my daughter. There is a name for such a cuve but my memory fails to recall it at the moment. I get up in the morning and take out what I want for supper and it is thawed when I arrive home. I believe the rest of the world is out of wack and it can't be denied or defended.All I have to do is add different spice to keep variety in my menu. To smell the roses) :-)But the one thing that I feel needs especially more attention is the way we develop our relationship with the opposite sex. Gone is the flirting, the walking hand-in-hand, the long walks and talks, the sleepless nights, the chace. I listen to more CBC (haven't owned a tv in more than 20 years) and have even gotten to reading more books that come out of the CBC interviews. It allows me to put things into perspective, allows me to unwind and relax, contemplate life, allows me to smell the roses and be thankful for my existance. Savoured perhaps, because one day those things will be but memories any most here know it. It's because we have become an instant gratification society.At work, we do have schedules so from 7am to 4pm, I work on island time but with a pace. I have never been in such a hurry.....I don't like it.Our Experts have some interesting insights to share.

Take the time to really learn about your partner to determine if they are a good fit. Love isn’t a race to be won, it’s a day by day, moment by moment process.

I wonder whatever happpened to the idea of a four day work week.

I am envious of people who appear to have time on their hands. I work 2 min from home now instead of a 1 1/2 hr commute.

it's pouring rain and I have a bunch of bags in my hand..

step out to cross into the parking lot and this woman speeds up so she can pass me instead of waiting for me to cross... That reminds me of this 911 call made by a cop that had ingested some brownies he made with confiscated weed. He explains a bit about what's going on then he says, "time is going by really really really really really really slow, I think we're dead".

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