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All boats must be able to transport team members in a race across the “watery” finish line!

This fun and engaging event provides opportunity for collaboration in a competitive environment. Duration: 2 hours Each team uses their combined creative brainpower to build a catapult while making decisions around investments in market research, equipment and inter-team collaboration.

In this fun, fast paced event teams participate in party style games with a pop culture twist.

Testing their knowledge of music, movies, television, fashion, sports, art and celebrity culture and gossip.

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours This activity is not simply about building a bridge; it’s about teamwork and effective communication.

This activity is easily customized to your organization or to a meeting theme. reward and time management are key themes in this race.

Duration: 1 – 3 hours Our Tailgating Olympics combines all of the best games that the college football tradition of tailgating has to offer. Duration: 1 hour True North’s Summer Camp Relay is an epic event comprised of multiple challenges.

For more information on this overnight meeting package call 914-935-6622 or submit an online request for proposal.

Looking to get a team or group to work together more effectively?

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