Speed dating minnesota

The Gophers have what it takes to get to 10 games this year.

Impressive stuff considering Minnesota has never been a traditional power but has had some glimpses of greatness here and again.

It's often a date without dinner or a movie or a show or a walk or a concert or even a single conversation. Then it's over, maybe in less than an hour, maybe to be repeated again in a few days, weeks, or months, but in many cases not.

Just because we arrived too late to "enjoy" it as fully as those who've graduated from college during the last decade doesn't make us any less responsible for it. Something higher, nobler, less tawdry, more deeply fulfilling and longer lasting than a life devoted to satisfying fleeting desires for physical pleasure and status.

At work and at play, men and women spend their waking hours gazing at their phones, continually swiping left or right, dividing potential sex partners into two categories (Yes or No) on the basis of a snapshot.

A handful of messages later — for some the exchanges consist entirely of pre-verbal flirtation conducted with emojis, for others it includes photographs of genitalia that serve as a kind of second interview — and a "date" has been set.

Occasionally a woman rolls her eyes about a creep proposing rough sex.

Several people remark on the strange fact that lots of the young men living out this fantasy of promiscuity seem to be struggling with impotence (or "erectile dysfunction").

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