State college pa speed dating

This is where you will learn about the process and learn which Pi Chi Group you are in.

Your Pi Chis are your advisers throughout rush and will help you and guide you to ease the process.

It gives you a feel of what the sisters are really like when they interact with one another in their natural habitat.

You will go to up to three parties on preference night and have to wear a nice dress.

The recruitment or “rush” process is simple and most define it as “speed dating” with a bunch of girls.

It might be a little awkward at first, but once you relax, conversation will flow naturally. Be prepared to answer questions, and do not be scared to ask questions because all the girls you’ll meet were in your place just a short while ago. This will go towards funding those black American Apparel V-necks you will be sporting and then never want to wear again Here is the breakdown: Open Houses: Sept 6, deodorize, or Febreeze.

Henninger said she has a database of stories of Penns Valley that she has accumulated from various sources over the years. These rounds usually last 15 minutes and you will be introduced to as many girls as possible and learn about the different chapters. All of the Penn State Greek Sororities and Fraternities host a philanthropy event to give back to charities. Saturday Sept 10 is off so the freshman can enjoy a Penn State Football game.After the last day, you will meet with your Pi Chi group in order to “post office.” This means you rank the sororities that you want and put them into the computer. This is to relieve some of the pressure and stress and allow everyone to relax. Each chapter puts on a skit for the potential new members in order to differentiate them from one another, show their personalities, and to have a little fun. They last 40 minutes and are still casual, but maybe a little nicer than the previous ones. Preference Night: Sept 14 This is the best night of all of recruitment.Johnstown remains a regional medical, educational, cultural, and communications center.As in many other locales, health care provides a significant percentage of the employment opportunities in the city.

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