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That is where everyone would just come to the table with their most brutal realities, and the insanity would result from people literally not knowing how to navigate transparency.

Maybe we could call it “Apple Updating” because you’re getting all of the information but in order for it to work, you’re probably going to have to delete some storage. Like, “There’s a new version of me available that is starting to fall in love with this other person I met after we started talking, but if it doesn’t work out with them I’ll totally still bang you but not text as much. ” or “You know how we didn’t use condoms the last time we had sex?

Then there’s cushioning …which is flirting with one or more people on the side for insurance in case your main relationship falls through.

This is basically a watered-down version of benching.

So since we must exist in the world of fluid morality, how do we find a person who most closely matches ours? If someone isn’t giving you what you need after one or two dates, consider that you probably aren’t doing it for them either, so in a weird way it’s kind of mutual.

Maybe we stop expecting everyone we meet will care about us. If you stay in contact out of boredom, sex, or even entertainment, that’s totally cool, as long as you’re not staying out of hopes that they will change.

Sometimes it’s just easier to think that our intimacy issues make us uniquely neurotic, which is why we need to ditch the Tinder-generation related hysteria, and just accept that all people can be toxic, including ourselves.

Kelly is also a published author in 3 different publications and has a monthly column, “The Single Scene”, which has been running for 8 years.

This is now known as the local “Sex in the City” column.

Take for instance, which is basically sending the same sext to 5 people in hopes that you can lure enough interested parties that you’ll eventually score.

I mastered that shit in the days of AOL instant messenger.

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