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In some cases, they may reduce the intensity of symptoms.

However, there have been several deaths associated with the procedures, particularly when it is done outside a hospital.

Stena Line operate freight ferry services connecting the port of Belfast with Heysham (weekly), Belfast with Liverpool Birkenhead (weekly), Belfast with Cairnryan (daily), Cherbourg with Rosslare (daily), Dublin with Holyhead (weekly), Fishguard with Rosslare (daily), Frederikshavn with Gothenburg (weekly), Frederikshavn with Oslo (weekly), Gdynia with Karlskrona (daily), Gothenburg with Kiel (weekly), Grenaa with Varberg (weekly), Harwich with Hook of Holland (weekly), Harwich with Rotterdam (daily), Hook of Holland with Killingholme (weekly), Killingholme with Rotterdam (daily), Liepaja with Travemunde (weekly), Nynashamn with Ventspils (daily), Rostock with Trelleborg (weekly), Sassnitz with Trelleborg (weekly) & Travemunde with Ventspils (weekly).

Use Direct Ferries to find the best freight ferry fares with Stena Line travelling to/from Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Ireland, Wales, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Germany, Holland & Latvia.

About 9% of the population is believed to misuse opiates over the course of their lifetime, including illegal drugs like heroin and prescription pain medications such as Oxycontin. This means that a person relies on the drug to prevent symptoms of withdrawal. A licensed medical professional should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions. Links to other sites are provided for information only -- they do not constitute endorsements of those other sites.

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Opiate withdrawal refers to the wide range of symptoms that occur after stopping or dramatically reducing opiate drugs after heavy and prolonged use (several weeks or more).

Onboard, not only will you enjoy relaxing in comfortable surroundings, great choices in food, shopping and entertainment, you’ll find our team offer the warmest welcome going the extra sea mile for you.

Transform into an Air Ascendant for 15 sec, reducing the cooldown and cost of Stormstrike by 80%, and transforming your auto attack and Stormstrike into Wind attacks which bypass armor and have a 30 yd range.

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