Taking a break from online dating best dating sites in utah

For many, happiness is actually scarier than sadness.

On some level, we fear that if we get too happy we might lose the source of that happiness (which we often believe lies outside of ourselves).

The shift reflects the inner clarity we've gained because we look for love with openness and awareness.

And one of the most powerful ways to get clearer about this part of ourselves is to look at our reactions to our partner in our last relationship.

And while it's OK to give ourselves however much time we need to heal, sometimes these prolonged bouts of singledom come from avoidance and fear.

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Smile at someone you find attractive while you're waiting in line for your morning coffee.

I knew that if I jumped from one relationship straight into another, I wouldn't have seen what I needed to in myself in order to attract the kind of person I'm looking for.

When we get clearer about our deeper self, we attract different kinds of people.

Some people wait to be contacted instead of being the first to message someone. Some people are very particular about what they say in a first message, and so on.

People find their way of online dating, and they hope eventually something works out.

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