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Swami Ramswarup: Brahmamoohurta starts when first redness of the rays of the sun appears in sky and that time is around 4 a.m., in the morning.This Brahmamoohurta is the best time to worship Almighty God i.e., Brahma. This tool generate video download link to save Facebook videos online without any install required.Video download is available in two resolution wherever available i.e.Idea: God is everywhere, being omnipresent, He is present in both non-alive matters and in living beings.So, He is the lord of all matters, assets and even bodies of living beings.So mere bookish knowledge or lecture will do nothing but will be harmful if the people do not do daily yajyen, name jaap of God, hard practice of Ashtang Yoga, contact with learned acharya of Vedas and yoga philosophy.

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He should wake up early in the morning for long, morning walk and light exercise daily. Take one cup of this medicine in the morning empty stomach. You can also do kunjal kriya but it will have to be learnt by an expert. But all this yoga path will have to be learnt by an expert yogi in presence. Who has more say, more authority, in the bringing up of children, parents or grandparents? Yes, the havan must be started first of all by reciting Gayatri mantra, Then all sandhya mantras must be recited sincerely and with full concentration. Om Bhoorbhuvahasvarduau Riv Bhumna.....:., then recite . and ignite the fire, after doing this, please see the book possessed by you called sandhya mantra wherein the further process has been explained.One must therefore do worship i.e., study of Vedas, Name jaap of God and practice of yoga philosophy i.e., yam, Niyam, Asan, Prannayam, etc.Divyam Sahni: What should be taken when there is acidity in the stomach? Also take the medicine as pasted below: Neem powder ka formula CHIRETTA-KIRETTA = 1gm GYOL = 40gm AZWAIN = 6gm MEETHI-SOUNF = 6gm CHHOTI-PEEPAL = 3gm NEEM-leaves = 25-30 leaves. Is it correct to use light smacking as a last form of discipline i.e.Some of the recent questions are: (For answers after November 2008, please click on links) Pal Dindayal: I am looking for meaning of some shalokas of Eeshopnishad.Swami Ramswarup: Translation of the mantra is as under: The first mantra of Eeshopnishad is same as is of first mantra of 40th chapter of Yajurveda.

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