The alpha male program for dating relationships

I would not suppose that everyone is similarly driven by doing the right thing.After all, having character involves tradeoffs, and alpha males most certainly don’t want limits put on their freedoms.I also read on Huffington a hilariously titled article (in response to the Anthony Weiner scandal), “Should Women Go Ugly?” again, suggesting that women should steer clear of handsome alpha types who are quite likely to ultimately let them down. If the conventional wisdom is for women to avoid relationships with them, is it in their (the alpha guys) best interest to skip the so-called American dream, avoid marriage and children and just bounce from one short-term relationship to another?So, to bring this back to you, Sara, my thoughts on alpha males is that while they may remain the most attractive candidates out there, as a rule, they tend to be bad long-term relationship bets. They may try to spend money on you but it doesn’t compensate for their lack of attention, affection and understanding. But you hold on because he’s such an intoxicating catch.I would guess that most women who’ve gone for them would concur with this observation. Make no mistake, he RELIES on his charms to allow you put up with all his bullshit.Pat Allen, therapist, Los Angeles legend, and author of “Getting to I Do”.Pat is probably 75 years old and delightfully curmudgeonly.

If anything, I have a fierce ethical streak (which surfaces here from time to time) which is stronger than my thirst for money or new women.As always, when we’re talking about alpha males, we’re talking about a sliding scale. Does he put YOU first or does he always have to win?I may have the drive and temperament and ego of an alpha, but I don’t indulge it at all costs. I don’t work on weekends or take clients on Fridays. If my wife ever needs me to sacrifice for the family, the answer is yes. If you’re going to go for such a guy, the thing to look out for is what his long-term values are. There ARE alpha males who do that, but there are more who do not. And, while that’s true to some degree, guys can also pretty much fit into broad categories based on certain traits.While the terms aren’t necessarily popular, you can use alpha, beta and omega.

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