The bobo dating game

While he does claim to have Beauty's welfare at heart, Softon also has an unstoppable arsenal of techniques and the abilities of the goddess Blabs-a-Lot!

But that's before Bo-bobo unleashed on him the enigma that is Bo-bobo World.

And with a friend of Bo-bobo (whom we've never seen prior) being held captive and forced to eat spaghetti against his will, its up to the heroes to fight—and have fun while they're at it.

With Jelly Jiggler somewhere in the park, the team searches A-Block while getting into all sorts of mischief: Bo-bobo rides a monkey train almost taken over by rabbits, Don Patch reunites with an old boyfriend that's now by-the-numbers, Gasser beats up more fish and Beauty watches a cat eat with utensils.

Bo-bobo and Don Patch decide to throw a play in the middle of the woods where the plot becomes more bizarre with each scene.

But without notice, they find themselves under siege from a strange green tentacle alien in search for a familiar boy (familiar to Beauty, anyway) and a power that leads to a very unstoppable craving for—rice soup!?

And that probably explains why he and Don Patch make fun of the battle in progress...

With Gasser now a part of his team, Bo-bobo decides to teach him a few things about fighting.

Due to circumstances in the last episode, Bo-bobo ends up facing off against the orange star-shaped Wiggin Don Patch in a Christmas-themed Wiggin battle (involving a story about churros), but when Beauty gets abducted by a group of wig-wearing Hair Hunters, the two of them must join together to confuse the heck out of them!Finally reaching the top of C-Block Tower, our heroes face off against the windy Geha the Gale (even though Beauty's already been saved).But when Bo-bobo and Don Patch are blown away by the competition, a new challenger finally makes his presence known: Gasser, master of the "Fist of the Backwind" and the boy that has been watching Beauty all this time!But when Beauty is attacked with a "hair-loss beam" from a Hair Hunter from C-Block, our heroes must begin a new journey to save the heroine, save the day..figure out why Don Patch's weapons are all green onions.Crash landing inside C-Block Tower, Bo-bobo and Don Patch begin an upwards battle against the local hair hunters, while learning along the way about dental hygiene, poultry pageants, and the importance of having two video stores on top of each other.

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