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This fragrance can be worn day or evening and I think Jaipur is more suitable for casual wear. Basically, Jaipur is the type of scent I wear when shopping for used books, while indulging in a few teas or espressos at the local cafe. You definitely have to give this one a few shots before you completely fall in love with it. I can't imagine there's competition in this price range. It's not too heavy, it's not at all sweet, and it smells very clean. But delicious smelling, completely different from anything you've smelled, and lovely and warm. OMG, I swear I will never buy a scent again without smelling it first, if its not REALLY cheap, which is not the case with Boucheron Jaipur. So by today's standards I'd imagine the EDP would still be beastmode. Longevity: 30/10 Scent: 9/10 Silage: 10/10 Personal Appreciation: 10/10 EDP Review.

Jaipur would work well on a day when the weather is menacing and you want to be out and you're willing to let the weather dictate where you will go. Sniffing this scent makes me wanna visit India so bad. This is definitely my favorite, Indian dessert scent. And I love smelling like an Indian dessert apparently. I'll agree, this smells a bit outdated, but I still believe just about anyone could pull this one off. I think it's this: It's both comforting and unique. It sways towards cooler weather but I've recently worn it in hot weather and it really opens up beautifully. So, this was released in 1998, It could easily have been 1978 my nose tells me. And get the EDP just in case it was reformulated or something. Light citrus opening and then the spices are installed with the cinnamon to the head, this cinnamon is curled under the floral notes to leave it with a finer aroma, the aroma is intertwined with a dense body of balsamic notes mainly tonka bean and a point Sweet that brings the benzo to produce a monolithic aroma, clean, impeccable, masculine, with a smell like bath soap or toilet.

It’s a breath of fresh air in that it smells like it’s note description. for a long time i have been wanting and looking for a good blend of citrus freshness, aromatic spice and smokiness of incense. I was happy because it's one of my most favourite scents. My opinion is that the new Jaipur is toned down about 15%-20% but not more on terms of projection and sillage.

I find that women really do like the smell of it, but it’s so warm that it has to be worn in cooler weather. Projection dies after 2 hours but becomes a skin scent for a very long time. Rating 9/10 So much reviews i got nothing much new to add. This means that it remains a beautiful scent that I'd happily buy it again.

This is the best oriental designer for me and it can be obtained for so cheap, it hurts .

Jaipur by Boucheron EDT is without a doubt the most special, comforting fragrance I have ever smelled. If you, like me, have shyed away from this scent because you are worried it would smell “dated” - don’t. Primarily because nothing else you’ve smelled is similar. :) Without regard to the aforementioned packaging, Jaipur is a must have, must try, for any fragrance apologist. It has something special that can not be transmitted - the refinement does not have years.The EDT Version: Timeless clean cinnamon/vanilla baby powder scent. Just to say this is a kind i dont see getting out date at anytime soon. I cant help but noticing it has a big similarity With bogart pour homme at the tonca Rose citrus combination that has the charry effect And on top of that they add the spices butifully. The longevity is wonderful fortunately, the sillage and the projection are a little different in my opinion.It was a beast scent, now it is a very strong scent. Top notes are lime, bergamot, cardamom and lemon; middle notes are carnation, cinnamon, jasmine and rose; base notes are tonka bean, patchouli, benzoin and cedar.Really nice stuff, but hard to find the occasion to wear it nowadays, even in eau de toilette form. Well, my old 100 ml edt bottle finished and I bought a new 50 ml.

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