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i shot 600 shells on day without cleaning it and it was just as smooth as the day i took it out of the box.

it is much easier to disassembe the clean than the 870 and the coating on the barrel and receiver makes it a breeze to clean.

The bottom eject of the BPS made chasing down all of my empties at the end of the day a bit easier too. The BPS is nice but I don't think I'd want one that was plastic... With the hit or miss quality of Remington recently I'd go with either the Benelli Super Nova or the Browning BPS. My choice recently was the BPS because it fit, the action was very smooth, and it had a very solid feel to it. I've had very few problems with Browning firearms but when service is needed the problem is handled very professionally.

I don't shoot pumps very often anymore but if I were in the market for one I'd lean twards the BPS. My favorite pump for waterfowling is my fitted Benell Nova - first gen. and I would add; one that you won't mind being in a swamp, marsh, mud, water, snow, ice, sleet, etc etc.

i am new to the forum but not new to the world of shotguns.

but my personal favorite pump is my benelli super nova.

and i personally love the comforttech stock i usually shoot 3 1/2in shells and i can do so all day without getting beat up.

The supernova is hands down the best pump shotgun ever made In my opinion.

No doubt an odd looking pump but a proven reliable shotgun gun none the less. When they get wet I clean and dry them-no big deal.

I'd say over 50% of the many guys I know that hunt with a pump gun have a Nova or Super Nova. I have a BPS in wood and Mossberg 500s in wood and synthetic. Any pump will work, you have to decide what YOU want to use. I'm not a fan of the plastic coated guns, no matter who makes them.

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